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Patch/updating with likes

Robert Sinton requested to merge patch/updating_with_likes into feature/encryption

What I did

  • Used or_where() instead of or_like() when preparing an update_where() query, as likes are ignored by CI when building the update command.
  • Corrected syntax on some other uses of like() that were intended to use 'or'.


  • I haven't tested the other corrections, but they should be pretty solid.
  • Not entirely sure what would happen if update_where() ended up with a mix of genuine wheres as well as likes — i.e. the ANDing and ORing involved.



How to test

  • Code review.
  • In AFES encryption branch, log in and then clear your user's bitauth_userdata.filemaker_contact_id value.
    • Now change personal details, e.g. your first name. Check the bitauth_userdata table and confirm that you have a new FM contact ID, and that the others are still all different.
  • Consider testing the other or_like() changes.

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