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Updated to latest content-lists.js

Robert Sinton requested to merge patch/admin_content_list_js_update into master

What I did

  • Updated the copy of content-lists.js in the admin section to the latest version
  • Includes:
      • @since 1.4.2 Pagination no longer triggers events on all lists.
      • @since 1.4.1 Instead of replacing re-rendered items, just replace the children.
      • @since 1.4.0 Exposing API and templates for external consumption. Also improves loading spinner behaviour.
      • @since 1.3.0 Content List now uses new models ability to abort older requests
      • @since 1.2.1 Corrected an issue with detecting dynamically added param's using data method
      • @since 1.2.0 Added ability to use js__pagination_more for infinite-scroll-by-request and allowed reveal to work in nested scrollables, and added load event.


Pulse's custom zon-core uses this latest version; this merge would help us get Pulse back to using the master zon-core branch.



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