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Improvements to DF_Model_result

Robert Sinton requested to merge feature/df_model_result_instantiation into master

What I did

  • Implemented setting of the base model class, and populating data, at instantiation time.
  • Implemented three options for choosing the base model class:
    • Specified at result object instantiation time
    • Configured in result class
    • Automatically derived from our model/result naming convention


  • The population of data currently uses a simplistic approach — should really use the table map. Will probably update this later.
  • Had to add the is_model_loaded() method to our loader subclass, as CodeIgniter doesn't supply this for models, and it proved resistant to other approaches.



How to test

  • Code review.
  • Test with commit b41cfaf344d6a68743e6d3e828bcd50ccf9510cf on Art Money
    • Note the changes in that commit.
    • Go to the admin screen for an active loan.
    • Add new payments to the bottom of the list.
    • Confirm that they save, and that the screen refreshes correctly.
  • Try using the other methods of setting the base model class, and add temporary debugging into _set_base_model() in DF_Model_result to confirm that those options are used and the tests still work.
  • Try using this approach in another project.
  • Try and break it!

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