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Accounts Sync with Multiple Databases

Phil Taylor requested to merge feature/account_database_sync into master


  • Added functionality to sync user account details to multiple databases
  • Added config to define which databases to sync to



  1. Log in and go to the account admin area (
  2. Edit your account. Make some changes and confirm it works as you'd expect.
  3. Jump into your database and duplicate the entire database with a new name.
  4. Update your database config config/dev-sam/database.php, copy the existing and paste it as a second database config. Give it a new key and confirm the database name is updated.
  5. Copy the config/accounts.php file and paste it into your config directory - config/dev-sam/accounts.php.
  6. Edit the config/dev-sam/accounts.php file and add the new database config key to the extra_databases config parameter.
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 2
  8. Check the bitauth_userdata in both databases and config the changes have been saved into both.
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