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Feature/xero handle data lists

Robert Sinton requested to merge feature/xero_handle_data_lists into master

The issue

The DF_Xero library used array2xml to produce the XML for Xero objects. This chokes on data objects that contain lists of multiple sub-objects. Examples include the <Addresses> and <Phones> elements when creating a new Xero contact.

With this change, a flat array (no keys, or numeric keys) can be supplied as part of a data object. The parent element name will be singularized to provide the XML subelement names.


    'Addresses' => [
        {address data array},
        {address data array}


<Addresses><Address>{address data}</Address><Address>{address data</Address></Addresses>

What I did

  • Replaced the existing array->xml dependency with some 'borrowed' methods that allow for data elements that contain lists of subelements.





How to test

  • Code review.
  • Can be tested with commit 62c34e40a5c06ad29c4242630c98d059072e3537 in the National Weighing Xero integration project, but might be easier to OTS it at first opportunity.

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