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WIP: AMS / Content Managment system

Craig Smith requested to merge Feature/ams into master

Asset Managment System for Content Management

What I did

  • Implemented new core module to handle content items - simply by designing the data structure and implementing a front-end view




  • Migration to add the datastore tables
  • .htaccess rewrite rule remove the robots.txt from exclude list (as is now managed in the admin)
  • add to the routes config file: $route['ams/(:any)'] = "ams/index/$1"; $route['robots.txt'] = "ams/robots";
  • add to site config file $config['modules']['ams'] = TRUE;

How to test

  • Admin area now has a new menu option: Content Items
  • content list - allows you to list current content items
  • add content - allows you to add a new content item
  • manage pages - allows you to create a publicly visible page

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